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  • Tail Lightz

    a blinking accessory for jeans

  • Liquid Money

    a fragrance that smells like money

  • Chord Buddy

    Chord Buddy Guitar Learning System

    Is learning to play the guitar intimidating? Chord Buddy is the perfect teacher. Essentially training wheels for your Guitar, Chord buddy teaches you how to play the instrument in just a short amount of time. Within weeks you will notice progress and gain some confidence to remove some tabs. It is promised that if you follow through with Chord Buddy you can take off the contraption entirely and play like a free bird. I didn’t say the song literally..

  • Vegas Magic Show

    a magic show act

  • Salespreneur

    a company that teaches how to become a good sales rep 

  • I Want to Draw a Cat for You


    an online service that creates and delivers custom cat drawings

  • Invis-A-Rack

    Invis-A-Rack Cargo Management System

    Invis-A-Rack is a cargo management system designed to be a functional ladder rack that folds down sleekly when not in use. The invis-a-rack is light weight, durable and has non rusting strength. It’s high quality build is designed to withstand the tough labor work enviornment and last the lifetime of your truck.

  • My Wonderful Life

    funeral planning service

  • EZ VIP


    club reservation service

  • Clean Bottle

    Clean Bottle Water Bottle

    Clean bottle is a water bottle with a leak-proof screw off bottom cap that allows you to clean and dry the inside of the bottle. Made of 100% non-toxic BPA free plastic, the Clean Bottle is as safe as it gets to use as a water bottle over and over. It is also top-rack dishwasher safe, so no worries of it breaking during a wash. Clean Bottle is available in a variety of colors.

  • Business Ghost

    a ghost writing service

  • Tower Paddle


    If you have ever been interested in getting into paddle boarding as a hobby, the Tower Paddle is portable and the perfect starter board for you. Great for beginners, the Tower Paddle Tower Adventurer board is rigid with a weight limit of 350 lbs on the water. It is durable, quality made with Military-grade PVC material. The Tower Paddle includes a paddle board, pump and three piece adjustable aluminum paddle.