New Shark Tank Episode This Friday – 12/12/2014

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It’s a Shark Tank holiday special! In this episode a group of entrepreneurs pitch their holiday related products to the Sharks. A woman wants to take a new Christmas tradition and make it mainstream with the Hoppy Paws Santa’s Reindeer Hoof Print Stamp Kit. Similarly, a man creates a Hanukkah tradition called The Mensch on a Bench intended to bring Jewish families together. For those tired of having to take down Christmas lights every year, a man pitches his product Eve Drop Light Hangers. Lastly with no relation to the holiday season, a 13 year old girl brings into the Tank her device Q Flex Acupressure that is designed to ease muscle pain. Will these folks celebrate a deal from the prospective Sharks or will they get Scrooged?

This episode we also get an update on Daymond John’s investment the Hanukkah Tree Topper from Season 5.

The all new episode of Shark Tank airs this Friday, December 12th at 9PM/8PM CST. Check out the preview below!