New Episode This Friday, 12-5-2014.

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Four more entrepreneurs enter the tank this Friday to see if their product piques the interests and wallets of our favorite Sharks. In this episode, a man from Brooklyn, New York pitches his family business of wheeled luggage that is easily foldable. A woman from Houston, Texas brings her unique line of soaps and grooming products. Also, for all you lady sports fans, a Sapulpa, Oklahoma couple displays their women centric gameday apparel. For the last entrepreneur to enter the tank, if you love wine the following pitch is for you. A man from Scarsdale, New York offers the Sharks an equity stake of his 2.5 million dollar single-serving wine company. He claims his wine in which comes in recyclable plastic will do for the wine industry what aluminum cans did for the beer and soda industry. Interesting. Lastly, Lori Greiner gives us an update on her Shark Tank All-Stars. Scrub Daddy anyone?

In it’s sixth season, Shark Tank features it’s second to last episode before entering the winter hiatus. The 104th overall episode airs Friday at 9/8PM CST. Check out the sneak preview from ABC below: