5 Must Have Shark Tank Products From Season 6

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Recently I came across an article from INC.com featuring my favorite Shark, Mark Cuban where he offers his take on 5 “Must Have” holiday gifts. To spare you the suspense, his list included a Keurig Coffeemaker, a Lumio Pleated Lamp, Shark Tank’s very own Bon Affair Wine Spritzers, NBA socks and Stylish Cuff Links. Instant coffee makers and expensive cuff links aside, I thought it would be a terrific idea to put together our very own Holiday Gift Guide featuring products from Season 6 of our favorite Friday night TV show. So without further adieu, here are our Shark Tank products top picks for the 2014 holiday season.



Perfect for: Anyone! Remember Christmas morning when you were 10 years old, that combination feeling of being confused and disappointed upon opening up a Costco sized bulk pair of socks? Yeah, well you’re all grown up now so socks actually aren’t all that bad of a gift. Especially with Bombas, these are socks worth getting excited for. As stated by the brand, these are the only socks you’ll want to wear for the rest of your life. Available for men, women and the kiddos, Bombas are socks designed to be REALLY comfortable. They come in different colors and in both calf and ankle. Cool mention here, for every pair sold the company actually donates another pair to those in need. That’s just awesome.


Perfect for: That bearded buddy or family member of yours! The lovely Lori Greiner may have not understood it, but the truth is the bearded man is a trend back on the up-swing. Have a brother, close family member or a friend with a beard? It’s time to stop getting that special person the same gillette care pack every Christmas. Think outside the box with some beard care products from Beardbrand. They offer a darn good selection of beard oils that aim to soften, give shine and oh yeah, they smell great.


Perfect for: Those Christmas Parties! If your family get togethers during the holidays are anything like mine, there’s karaoke singing involved. Some really get into it (looking at you Mom) and others maybe lack a bit of that enthusiasm. With SingTrix, natural singing talent and/or liquid courage no longer be needed. Literally everyone can sing and sound like a true rock star. From the creators of the Guitar Hero video game technology, Singtrix is the fun party enhancement and the perfect gift for the Karaoke enthusiast.


Perfect for: Kids! This is one of those “kill two birds with one stone” kind of gifts. With the ingredients of fun and problem solving, Roominate inspires kids to play and learn at the same time. Described as being different and more open ended than LEGOS, this is that toy that plants a seed of passion for our future engineering generation, which is obviously intentional by inventors Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen. Roominate has six kits available starting at $19.99.


Perfect for: The Fitness Buff! Know somebody who is constantly at the gym, goes on crazy hikes and is always watching their diet? If so, then Titin is a gift match made in heaven for this friend or relative of yours. It’s a perfect gift for the disciplined, someone who never turns off their beast mode. At eight pounds in weight, Titin is naturally fitted, wearable upper body gear focused on surrounding major muscle groups. Wearing Titin is mentioned to noticeably increase your endurance and running speed. A gift, certain to keep a very strong human being on your side for years to come.