4 Unique Shark Tank Products That Got A Deal And One That Didn’t (But Should Have)

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Season 6 of Shark Tank did not disappoint in bringing us innovative products from entrepreneurs located all over the United States! The five products featured below are refreshing new takes on products we’ve lived with and utilized in past decades. These Shark Tank featured products come from entrepreneurs who think outside the box on products and in turn provide unique, but functional designs to improve already existing products. Some were funded while on the show, while one in particular was not, but went on to be successful without the help of the Sharks anyway. Without a doubt, each one of these is worth checking out!

Squatty Potty

-shark-tank-_0080_squatty-pottyTwo-thirds of human beings rank sitting as number two for going number two. Around the world, countries rely on a healthier option for using the toilet, which is squatting. However, in the United States we mostly sit, which can in part have a negative impact on our health. Featured and funded as a product on Shark Tank, Squatty Potty is here to change our mindsets on how we should utilize the toilet. Squatty Potty Toilet Stool will allow a healthy alignment for your colon, thus preventing many health issues that can occur while sitting. The stools also fit perfectly around the toilet creating an easy accessible addition to any toilet currently used…no assembly required! With a motto of “It’s our goal to change the way we poop, one ‘stool’ at a time”, this family business and their product is here to stay and hopefully revolutionize the way we think of “taking care of business”.


lumio book lightWhen we think of lighting, our minds automatically jump to a switch and a bulb that lights up when we flick it on, but rarely do we think of that bulb traveling with us through our daily routine. An innovative design by Lumio, which was featured as a product on Shark Tank, challenges that way we think of lighting systems. This multi-functional, and yet simply intuitive product provides a mobile lighting system compact into a case no bigger than a notebook. The goal of the product is to give customers the convenience of an everyday lighting system while traveling, hiking, or other outdoor recreation. It can also be used as stationary lighting around the home. To turn on the device you simply open the cover of the book and a powerful LED lamp illuminates the pages of the book, providing instant light! If you are a creative on-the-go, this is a perfect product for you!

Nuts ‘N More

-shark-tank-_0058_nutsnmoreIn the past the best way to gain quick, healthy amounts of protein in our diets was to eat a bar of this or drink a little of that, but Shark Tank product Nuts ‘N More has designed a savory alternative. Nuts ‘N More is the first, high-protein spread to hit mass market, however, the biggest draw to the product is that you no longer have to give up the creaminess of spreads to gain more protein; Nuts ‘N More maintains a creamy, smooth texture, while delivering twice the amount of protein as most natural butters. Coming in unique flavors like Cinnamon Raisin, Toffee Crunch, and Chocolate Almond, Nuts ‘N More’s genius high-protein spreads are perfect for any athlete or outdoors person who needs quick, healthy protein!

Bottle Bright

Bottle Bright Water Bottle CleanerWe all love the convenience of the water bottle, but hate the smell of chlorine or dish soap when we wash it at the end of the day. Bottle Bright is a convenient new tablet that cleans your water bottle with a nice, odorless touch. All you have to do is fill your water bottle with warm water, drop in the tablet, let it fizz for five minutes, then rinse and let it soak for another ten minutes; you are then ready to go! A featured product on the hit show Shark Tank, Bottle Bright is a great product for hikers, travelers, and those on business trips who would like a convenient way to wash their daily-used containers. To make this product even more intriguing, with every purchase of Bottle Bright, the company Clean Ethics will send the same amount of product to a person in need of clean water containers!


Skinny Shirt Shark TankHere’s the lone product on our list that did not get a deal, but should have! Why? Because of the demand and steady interest from consumers after the SkinnyShirt aired on Shark Tank! In today’s business world, being sleek and professional is what’s in fashion. Unkempt and baggy undershirts are a thing of the past, and SkinnyShirt is here to provide a fresh, new vision for this often overlooked piece of fashion. Composed of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, the SkinnyShirt provides new life to your existing wardrobe and makes a professional in minutes. This innovative product has recently received attention on Shark Tank and is available in V-necks, crew necks, cardigans, blazers, shift dresses, and more! Although most sales come from their classic line, they have recently expanded into the maternity market with several designs and added a teen collection. Fashion is a continually changing thing in today’s world, but remaining professional isn’t. Acquire the perfect addition to your professional attire today by adding a SkinnyShirt!

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, and with innovation comes products that improve our daily lives, with some doing so much more. Many products will make you wonder “why didn’t I think of that?” Others will stretch our imagination in the best ways possible. Here’s to innovation. And here’s to another round of great entrepreneurs and innovative new Shark Tank products sure to come!